Shared interests bring us together

Shared interests bring us together

We are back on Maui for the winter enjoying the sunshine and the lifestyle. I am fortunate enough to live close to the beach and I try to get up early enough to get in a 2 mile walk before it gets too hot. This morning I passed a group of young mothers who were gathering together for their exercise session. They each had a three wheel stroller and the littles were all strapped in ready to be rolled along while their mothers jogged and pushed the stroller. Before they began the jog they took time to introduce themselves and share a little tidbit about themselves. I assume that they were a fairly new group and the leader wanted everyone to become familiar with their exercise partners. It will be interesting to watch how the group develops and I’m sure there will be some long lasting friendships created.

This experience got me thinking about the Flyboarding friends I have made over the last 3 years. Our common interest in this new sport  brought us together and friendships formed. Similar to this group of young mothers who came together to exercise, we too came together to share experiences and see this new sport grow.

Our community has spread worldwide and the sport is exploding in popularity. Friends who learned at about the same time as I did are now competing professionally in events around the world. It is incredible to see how the skill levels have progressed and new tricks are appearing daily.

2017 is promising to be an exciting year. A professional circuit is being implemented that will feature at least 6 events around the U.S. this summer. Pro riders will gather points at each event and a rider will stand on the podium with bragging rights as to being the 2017 champion.

I am so glad I chose to become a part of the Flyboarding community. If you have time we would love to introduce you to the coolest sport going.  Just remember that you don’t have to be a pro to have a great time. See you this summer.

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