You know you want to do well at university, right? A subject that is boring, or a teacher that isn’t very good at teaching what they teach, does not motivate me to learn because if they’re not good at teaching, how am I supposed to be good at learning. CHAPTERS PAGE NO. I love to learn because i’ve always enjoyed knowing how things work, or how to do them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My good grades are a must because of what i want to be in the future. Certain teachers grade really hard, then causes more stress to students, which ends up making them unmotivated/less willing to do work. Please join the conversation. A high GPA is also required for the school I’ll need to go to. I’m motivated to learn because I strive for a good future for myself. There are several different learning styles to understand, including what may motivate the student to learn. In following of that, it makes me have more respect for the teachers and actually enjoy learning from them. those aren’t what strive me. Alright, lets see who will hold out longer”, and most of the time I do lose; however, I do not give out until I know that you come out tired and frustrated from the battle. A teacher, for example, may draw motivation from helping students learn something new and witnessing them excel. It may sound nerdy but I personally love learning and I see it helping me in the future. I am motivated to learn by my future. That being said, having to take a class that doesn’t interest me, taking the time away from something I would have rather learned and remembered, is pointless. It’s extremely math and science based. You can do more when you know more things. I really want be successful and have a future that I’m content with. Before I read your post Finn, and only read the question, I was thinking the same thing! In a situation of scarcity – a hungry man will be motivated to work hard and do manual labour and do work that he may dislike completely – even if he is tired because that will earn him the money to buy the food necessary for survival. In Need Theories, we introduced four theories the focused on needs: Maslow’s hierarchy- proposed that there are five levels of human needs: psychology, safety, social, esteem, self-actualization; ERG with three groups of core need-...... ...Characteristics of Successful Online Learners Getting motivated in school is a hard thing to do, but, it’s not impossible.