The sound of Other Lives’ new record, For Their Love, is the sound of frontman Jesse Tabish breaking through a prolonged period of depression.. Yeah, it's kind of a dream. Summary: Deanna Tabish's birthday is 08/08/1954 and is 66 years old. One of the most provoking and powerful arrangements of this year. So you live there? “The album is a record reflecting human feeling in the current state of affairs… "Tommy was shot and killed … "After the 2016 election, … The ethereal "Lost Day" is accompanied by an intriguing video filmed in the traditional A-framed cabin where Tabish now resides along with his wife, Kim, who also contributes vocals on the album. Located in Oregon’s Cooper Mountain region, the “A Frame” played an integral role in the creation of the album, according to a news release. We found this big old spooky house in the woods and it's just an amazing place. How are you doing? S trolling along Kingsland Road in east London, Jesse Tabish shows no interest in the vintage clothes emporiums or charity shops that might engage a visiting American musician. KEXP: Hi Jesse! Initially written and demoed by Jesse Tabish (piano, guitar, lead vocals) in Sicily along with his wife Kim, Sicily Sessions showcases the early creative processes that went into the songs. In the past, Deanna has also been known as Deanna Lee Tabish, Dianna L Tabish, Deanna L Pabish, Deanna L Weaver and Deanna L Tabish. Other Lives, the Oklahoma-bred outfit fronted by Jesse Tabish, are returning with new album For Their Love, due out April 24 on ATO Records. His death occurred while he was still part of The All-American Rejects. It pays homage to his close friend Tommy, who was murdered by a hitman his wife hired. With the new studio LP's release, the band will be launching an AMA session (dubbed Indieheads AMA) for fans on Reddit at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm BST. The melancholy set in after the band released and toured around its 2015 album Rituals, a collection that pivoted from the orchestral folk that had typified the band’s previous work to a sound that hewed more closely … Tabish and his wife and bandmate Kim were first inspired to write the songs while on a 2016 getaway in Italy. Jesse Tabish (Getty Images) Other Lives are set to release their new album on April 24, titled 'For Their Love', through Play It Again Sam and ATO Records. Previously city included Spokane WA. Nice, that's where we recorded the record right? Kind and wise, he was my mentor and family to me," says Jesse Tabish on the sad backstory for Other Lives' new single. Their new single "We Wait" arrived today, described as the intimate song frontman Jesse Tabish has ever written. According to Tabish, Tommy was "the older brother I never had." Jesse Tabish: Good, I'm out here in the A-frame with Kim, my wife, and we're about 30 minutes outside of Portland. The long-awaited follow-up to 2015's Rituals, For Their Love is a ten-track collection with a nod to the past while progressing positively towards the future.