We couldn't think of anybody more appropriate to voice Emily The Corpse Bride than Helena Bonham Carter. The world of voice acting is pretty diverse and some roles are so unexpected. Best known for her role as Claudia Salinger in hit '90s television series, Party of Five, Lacey Chabert has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable. Throughout his career he won an Oscar, seven Golden Globes, two Emmys, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Grammy Awards. He is the last known member of his species since all the residents of his planet were thought to perish when his home planet was swallowed by a black hole. Jerry Houser continues his dynamic career as a producer and actor, and he now teaches voice-over acting, too. Sandler portrays the character in the sequels to the film, too, including the upcoming, tentatively titled Hotel Transylvania 4. She was also a child when she provided the iconic voice of Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s little sister, in several specials from the Peanuts franchise. Miguel Sanchez) and washed … Did you realize these celebrities were the voices of your favorite animated characters? Please name a Disney character more funny or full of life than Aladdin's Genie. Fergie. Goldblum wasn't leaving Captain Planet and the Planeteers for just any old roles. Cartoons are simply one of the best things about growing up. Michael Cera was the voice of Brother Bear, the oldest child of Mama Bear and Papa Bear. For someone with such a famously sweet personality, it was an interesting role for her, playing a villain. Meg Ryan voiced Anastasia in the movie directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Cameron Diaz told The New York Times that she matured during her time voicing Princess Fiona, and she hopes to do it again. Princess Fiona from Shrek is a very different sort of princess. Eddie Murphy was nominated for multiple Annie awards for his portrayal of Donkey. Mila Kunis has been playing Meg most of the time since the show’s second season. Ponyo was a much-anticipated animated film when it hit theaters in 2008. They even managed to get Bruce Willis to play Spike the dog! We never would have expected Flea (real name Michael Peter Bazalry), bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to be the voice of feral child, Donnie Thornberry. When it comes to talent, Keith David has it in spades. He also does the voice work for Brian and Stewie on Family Guy, as well as Stan and Roger on American Dad. Voicing the lead crime-fighting characters were Stephen Colbert as Ace and Steve Carell as Gary. We bet you didn't know that Johnny Cash made a cameo in The Simpsons. Ritter himself was not only known for his role as Clifford. The Anastasia film, which inspired by a fascinating true story, was critically acclaimed, and it received two Academy Award nominations. The show was briefly revived again from 2013 to 2014. The star of the series was Jetson family patriarch, George Jetson. Fergie was the voice of Charlie Brown's younger sister on several Peanuts television specials in the '80s, making her around ten years old at the time. Will Arnett is perfection as Bojack Horseman, a character we manage to like, despite all of his extremely unlikeable characteristics. Most people don't realize that Cera is also a musician. She was also the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy for season one, before Mila Kunis took over the role in season two. Who doesn't love watching an episode that features good old Troy? It's fun to try, though! His more recent film work includes The Grand Budapest Hotel and Thor: Ragnarok. Fox as Stuart Little, but the film also stars Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Nathan Lane. It’s said that the two have a physical resemblance to each other, so that wasn’t a stretch. He is portrayed by one of the comedy icons of the 1990s. We wouldn't have expected him to be a voice actor at all if we're being honest! Home » Uncategorized » 13 Iconic Cartoon Characters And The Actors Who Voiced Them – Part 1 13 Iconic Cartoon Characters And The Actors Who Voiced Them – Part 1 When you’re watching an animated show or movie, it’s easy to get lost in the magic and forget there’s a real person who’s providing the voice for each character. There's just no denying it and no stopping it. The man behind Hawkeye is Troy Baker and he tops the list of voice actors that look the most like their cartoon character. She also portrayed Sally in a season of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. You'll Never Believe Which Celebs Voiced Your Favorite Cartoon Characters, More He worked on DuckTales, Captain Planet, and Darkwing Duck (we're not sure what was with all of the duck themes!). Does anyone really grow out of The Simpsons? It followed the adventures of the troublemaker kid nicknamed Dennis the Menace. There's so many ways it could have gone wrong, but Adlon has remained on top through hard work and talent. Her other work includes playing Otto Osworth on the series Time Squad and also starring in the series Better Things. The 1999 family comedy movie was based on the novel Stuart Little by E.B. Atkinson is best-known for British television classics, Blackadder and Mr. Bean. She voiced Buttercup of The Powerpuff Girls, and she's also an onscreen actress, too. His career must have gotten too busy to allow him to continue to portray the character, and Buster Jones played the part in the show’s last four seasons. Klaus, the seductive-in-his-own-mind goldfish from American Dad, is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, a pretty famous and prolific voice actor.In addition to the fish, Baker has voiced characters in over 300 different titles, including the terrifying, raspy-voiced Theron guards from the Gears of War game series.. (Yes, this is a kids’ film.) Did you know Gibson actually sang for the film, too? Some might think that Garfield was a weird choice for Murray, particularly straight after winning a Golden Globe for the film Lost in Translation. To be honest, we never even thought about it! Fox had already enjoyed a massively successful career on television as the star of Family Ties in the 1980s when he signed on to do Stuart Little. Morgan Freeman has also starred in such films as The Bucket List and Now You See Me. She has done voice work on Rugrats, Ben 10, Teen Titans, and My Little Pony, amongst many others. He tells the fairies that he was experimented on by humans, but he isn’t immediately believed. Fran was sensible, loved doing housework, and just wanted her family to spend more quality time together. The movie star is best known for his role as Marty McFly in the 'Back To The Future' trilogy, but he also voiced another huge character. She was Dr. Blight in "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" and was Anastasia in the box office success in 1997. Some of his best work, however, was as down and out actor, Troy McClure in The Simpsons. Famous for his iconic role as Steve Urkel on hit '90s sitcom, Family Matters, most people don't know that Jaleel White also voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in the original animated series, as well as the Sonic Underground animated series. It’s Mila Kunis who provides the voice for Meg. Given her apparent preference for playing dark, moody, yet often misunderstood women, this one suited Bonham Carter to a tee. Not for Macfarlane, though. Stuart Little ended up being quite a success. Arsenio Hall lent his voice to the character Winston Zeddemore in The Real Ghostbusters series for a full three seasons. After he saw the film, Billy Crystal said that turning down the role was the biggest mistake of his career. The character is the title character in Mike’s New Car. In Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Robin Williams didn’t take on the starring role, but rather lent his talents to the unusual bat characters named Batty. They also co-wrote Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, which has enjoyed long-term success all over the world. She got the job straight away. This 3D stop-motion animated film has elements of dark fantasy, comedy, and horror in it. And now it has us wondering how much more in love Helga would have been if Arnold actually looked like Lane Toran. Then, for the rest of the first season of the show, the character was voiced by Lacey Chabert, the actress who rose to fame as the precocious youngest sister on Party of Five. When we think of Orson Welles, we usually remember his outstanding work as a director, writer, and producer, as opposed to his actual acting and voice work. She is a free spirit, and she engages Ponyo in discussion about her overprotective dad who hates humans, and in one memorable scene, she suggests they start with dessert since it’s a backwards sort of day. His full name is Joseph Albert Nefario. Phil Hartman rose to fame in Saturday Night Live in the same year he provided the voice of Mr. Wilson in the first season of the cartoon. Who could forget her amazing performance as one of the most popular girls in school? He also briefly hosted his own talk show, The Jay Leno Show, from 2009 to 2010. How many of them did you know about? In addition to portraying Bamm-Bamm, Jerry Houser also provided the voice for Spud in Goof Troop, Sandstorm in The Tranformers, and Sci-Fi in G.I. He eventually left Dennis the Menace after one season, as he wanted to focus on SNL full time. One of the most influential and most offensive characters who has caused so much outrage throughout the media and conservative, right-wing, religious nuts is Eric Cartman, voiced by Trey Parker. White began his career at the age of three and almost scored a role on The Cosby Show, before the character he auditioned for was removed from the series. We haven't even gotten to the Rugrats Go Wild film, which is a crossover movie featuring both the Thornberrys and the Rugrats. His most well-known work was portraying Lt. Though you might be familiar with Avery as Uncle Phil, not many people know him as The Shredder from the animated series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A year after his debut role as Sparky, Clooney was back. : The Jungle Movie, which was aired on TV, not in cinemas. Actor Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddemore in the live action film, also auditioned for the animated show, but he lost out to Hall. Billy Crystal is not exactly otherwise known for his voiceover work, but he was originally offered the role of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. His career as a voice actor continued and he's responsible for some of our favorite characters from '90s cartoons. Val Kilmer was the star of the show, Moses, but there were so many other famous names in the cast, such as Sandra Bullock, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, and Steve Martin. The late and great Earle Hyman is most famous for his role as Russell Huxtable or "grandpa" on The Cosby Show. He's a comedian, singer, drummer, composer, and producer, as well as an accomplished onscreen and voice actor. He does certainly remain the butt of many jokes in the film, which we suppose is very much the way things go in some other Atkinson classics. Who could forget the iconic animated 90s Batman series? For us, this was the first time we had even heard that Sting was an actor - we thought he was just a musician and singer-songwriter. He has also lent his voice to characters on Finding Nemo and Garfield. Whether it's because of her weight, hair, glasses, or nerdiness, she is always being made fun of in some way. We can't believe we had never heard of her. Nobody could mistake his distinctive voice for someone else. Most people may know Kathleen Wilhoite from ‘80s movies like Witchboard, Murphy’s Law, and Road House, or ‘90s shows like Will and Grace, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ally McBeal.